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WOW! Ya tenemos un pedido de RIHANNAFENTY.US

Author: Daani • miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012 • Posted by BDesigns 0 comments

Hola! Bueno, yo contenta porque tenemos un pedido nuevo! Y sólo hace 1h que abrimos! Se trata de la web RF.US

Here is a message for rihanna fenty!

Thank you so much for ordering here! Really. We have only one problem. We are having some difficults with the iconcenter theme[the code have some mistakes] that we will fix soon. Today, we're going to make yout TWITTER BG with any problems. I'm going to see if i can fix the iconcenter problem.
And we dont make gallery coppermine. We dont know how to use it, but when we knew something about it, we will tell you
Thanks :)

Bueno, eso era todo. Adios!

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